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How does it work

MM Global Movies finances American and British film productions by means of ‘bridge lending’. This investment form is an alternative investment form based on “asset backed entertainment financing” and is almost completely independent of global economic movements. This investment form is located in a unique niche market with very limited access. MM Global Movies has access to this market. 

What is asset backed entertainment financing?

This means investing in the entertainment industry, more specifically, the film industry. Asset backed means that all investments are supported and secured by multiple forms of assets in order to cover the risks. This form of risk management is carefully secured in warranty structures for each project.



Movie productions

Major studios

The major studios produce films in-house. The producers finance this with their own resources.

Independent Studios

Located in





Independent studios make big movie productions with famous actors. The producers use different forms of financing.

Financing forms

Independent studios use the following forms of financing to produce a film:

Equity investors

Soft money subsidies

International domestic presales

Tax credit financing


Bridge lending

Man met camera

Bridge lending

The production of a movie goes through different phases and needs financing at several phases. Bridge lending is used in the early stages of a movie, where the producer temporarily needs money until the main capital of a larger financier is available. This is called bridge financing. This temporary phase can last from two months to a year after which the temporarily borrowed capital is repaid with interest. The revenues from bridge lending are therefore independent of the end result of the film.

As a bridge lender, MM Global Movies lends money to producers, provided that the production and financing application meet all the very strict criteria set in advance. The differences and advantages and disadvantages between investing in bridge lending and investing in the traditional way are shown below.

Traditional way

Financing of the entire production, with returns based on the proceeds and success of the film. The more popular the movie, the higher the returns. If the film flops, the result is lower or even negative.

Long term financing

Financial risk at every stage

Uncertainty about investement results

Returns depends on the movie's success

Bridge lending

Financing of the initial phase only in which the returns are decoupled from the film result. As a result, the returns are known in advance and potential risks are covered by assets.

Short term financing

All investments are asset backed

Investement results known in advance

Returns independent of the movie's success

Niche market, no significant competition

Project timeline

Each project follows a timeline as shown below. Investments are usually made in various projects at the same time. The projects run alongside and independently of each other.



Allocate funds

Legal endorsement

1 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project

Start bridge

Bridge active

End of bridge

Duration depending on the project

Processing and completion

Next project

1 week

0 to 6 months

Een film kijken

Contact us

Do you want to invest? Or are you interested in the detailed brochure? Feel free to contact us via email or phone. 

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