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Track record

       MM Global Movies has already invested in various movie productions. Each production is unique in terms of the story and the actors, but also in terms of the financing requierements. 
To give an impression of what kind of films are invested in, a number of productions, together with the involved A-list actors, are shown below.


$ 1.5 million bridge

$ 2.6 million bridge

$ 2 million bridge

$ 1.6 million bridge

$ 1.15 million bridge


Robert de Niro

Mel Gibson

Leslie Mann

Danny DeVito

Annabelle Wallis

Emma Roberts

Taron Egerton

Theo James

Sylvester Stallone

Ewan McGregor


MM Global Movies BV is determined to achieve positive results.
However, when investing there is always a certain risk, there are no guaranteed results.
Past performances is no guarantee for the future.



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